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Ulysses Wilson in "Whodunnit" 1x05

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Ulysses Wilson, #Whodunnit on July 31, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo WilsonUlysses001_zps124abcb5.jpg  photo WilsonUlysses002_zpsbda88496.jpg  photo WilsonUlysses003_zpse384bb3b.jpg  photo WilsonUlysses004_zpsff635506.jpg  photo WilsonUlysses005_zps409219c8.jpg
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Avan Jogia in "Twisted" 1x07

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Twisted, #Avan Jogia on July 31, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo JogiaAvan011_zps92961509.jpg  photo JogiaAvan012_zps4c606c9a.jpg  photo JogiaAvan013_zpsbfa3222d.jpg  photo JogiaAvan014_zps56aca5ff.jpg  photo JogiaAvan015_zps457bf496.jpg  photo JogiaAvan016_zpsd5c32288.jpg  photo JogiaAvan017_zps47f4ae43.jpg
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Luke Grimes and Robert Kazinsky in "True Blood" 6x06

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Robert Kazinsky, #True Blood, #Luke Grimes on July 31, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo GrimesLuke017_zps97778ebf.jpg  photo GrimesLuke018_zps377247d5.jpg  photo GrimesLuke019_zps09ea7aa0.jpg  photo GrimesLuke020_zps3a5d78f6.jpg  photo GrimesLuke021_zps69258727.jpg  photo GrimesLuke022_zps705af647.jpg  photo GrimesLuke023_zpsb31c29f6.jpg  photo GrimesLuke024_zps2b649ee3.jpg  photo GrimesLuke025_zps404ec791.jpg  photo GrimesLuke026_zps7db45e05.jpg  photo GrimesLuke027_zps2ac2a22e.jpg  photo GrimesLuke028_zps97cbb686.jpg Kazinsky, Robert 057

Kazinsky, Robert 058

Kazinsky, Robert 059

Kazinsky, Robert 060

Kazinsky, Robert 061

Kazinsky, Robert 062

Kazinsky, Robert 063

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Thomas M. Wright in "The Bridge" 1x03

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #The Bridge, #Thomas M Wright on July 31, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo WrightThomasM042_zps7ee1df83.jpg  photo WrightThomasM043_zps00a05b74.jpg  photo WrightThomasM044_zps58adb15c.jpg  photo WrightThomasM045_zps2654430b.jpg  photo WrightThomasM046_zpsaf69658c.jpg  photo WrightThomasM047_zps2d78604a.jpg  photo WrightThomasM048_zps7470cab2.jpg  photo WrightThomasM049_zps682bc82a.jpg  photo WrightThomasM050_zps4f24b6d8.jpg
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Wole Parks and Grant Show in "Devious Maids" 1x06

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Grant Show, #Devious Maids, #Wole Parks on July 31, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo ParksWole001_zpscb5c5a24.jpg  photo ParksWole002_zpsf78c4f58.jpg  photo ParksWole003_zps08235459.jpg  photo ShowGrant300_zpsba07bc81.jpg  photo ShowGrant301_zps4bec8559.jpg  photo ShowGrant302_zps7f70496e.jpg  photo ShowGrant303_zps90b7ef43.jpg  photo ShowGrant304_zps8361e409.jpg  photo ShowGrant305_zps1ae46231.jpg  photo ShowGrant306_zps1459d855.jpg  photo ShowGrant307_zpsbefa5090.jpg  photo ShowGrant308_zps89c30c42.jpg
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Matthew Risch, Matt Kane, and Blair Redford in "Switched at Birth" 2x17

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Blair Redford, #Switched at Birth, #Matthew Risch, #Matt Kane on July 31, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo RischMatthew009_zps88946747.jpg  photo RischMatthew010_zps83194533.jpg  photo RischMatthew011_zpsef87a678.jpg  photo RischMatthew012_zps5509e951.jpg  photo KaneMatt001_zps58b8fe20.jpg  photo KaneMatt002_zps8c3d8330.jpg  photo KaneMatt003_zpsa8ca9507.jpg  photo KaneMatt004_zpse7f69d36.jpg  photo KaneMatt005_zps19b07d9f.jpg  photo KaneMatt006_zpsa0d0cd93.jpg  photo KaneMatt007_zpsb50512ca.jpg  photo KaneMatt008_zpsb6521cc7.jpg  photo KaneMatt009_zps4928679a.jpg  photo KaneMatt010_zps0381af28.jpg  photo KaneMatt012_zpsfd9cdcc7.jpg  photo KaneMatt013_zps4aafbc11.jpg  photo KaneMatt014_zpsb031bf82.jpg  photo KaneMatt015_zps7eaee5b6.jpg  photo KaneMatt016_zps27e6fd00.jpg  photo KaneMatt017_zpsd6095a6f.jpg  photo KaneMatt018_zps19ba3e3b.jpg  photo KaneMatt019_zpse0a2a434.jpg  photo KaneMatt020_zps44af917a.jpg  photo KaneMatt021_zps187446e2.jpg  photo KaneMatt022_zps93a32844.jpg  photo KaneMatt023_zps4a60e7d2.jpg  photo KaneMatt024_zps59af762a.jpg  photo RedfordBlair082_zps64835975.jpg  photo RedfordBlair083_zps88ac88ac.jpg  photo RedfordBlair084_zps082e1972.jpg  photo RedfordBlair085_zpsad485890.jpg  photo RedfordBlair086_zps5814a4c3.jpg  photo RedfordBlair087_zpsd5b9085d.jpg
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Rick Hoffman and Patrick J. Adams in "Suits" 3x02

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Patrick J. Adams, #Suits, #Rick Hoffman on July 31, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
Hoffman, Rick 002

Hoffman, Rick 003

Hoffman, Rick 004

Hoffman, Rick 005

Hoffman, Rick 006

Hoffman, Rick 007

 photo AdamsPatrickJ049_zpseb587291.jpg  photo AdamsPatrickJ050_zps87c9220a.jpg  photo AdamsPatrickJ051_zps5e384324.jpg  photo AdamsPatrickJ053_zpsc7a1cc0a.jpg  photo AdamsPatrickJ054_zpse7ef8c3d.jpg  photo AdamsPatrickJ055_zps0eb70725.jpg  photo AdamsPatrickJ056_zps344bbda8.jpg
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Dash Mihok and Diego Serrano in "Ray Donovan" 1x04

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Dash Mihok, #Ray Donovan, #Diego Serrano on July 31, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo MihokDash046_zps311f4c7f.jpg  photo MihokDash047_zpsb8b20948.jpg  photo MihokDash048_zps78ec28fd.jpg  photo MihokDash049_zpsf11d5a6d.jpg  photo MihokDash050_zps13377704.jpg  photo MihokDash051_zpsbf1d01b8.jpg  photo MihokDash052_zpsa58dc440.jpg  photo MihokDash053_zpsaa28b307.jpg  photo MihokDash054_zpsf1d9e346.jpg  photo MihokDash055_zps63cf29b5.jpg Serrano, Diego 015

Serrano, Diego 016

Serrano, Diego 017

Serrano, Diego 018

Serrano, Diego 019

Serrano, Diego 020

Serrano, Diego 021

Serrano, Diego 022

Serrano, Diego 023

Serrano, Diego 024

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Mehcad Brooks in "Necessary Roughness" 3x06

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Mehcad Brooks, #Necessary Roughness on July 31, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo BrooksMehcad186_zpsfb04a6d4.jpg  photo BrooksMehcad187_zps71e5860d.jpg  photo BrooksMehcad188_zpsa8d795d0.jpg  photo BrooksMehcad189_zpsf31dea7b.jpg  photo BrooksMehcad190_zpsed2eeccd.jpg  photo BrooksMehcad191_zpse11e9d99.jpg
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Christopher Gorham in "Covert Affairs" 4x02

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Covert Affairs, #Christopher Gorham on July 31, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo GorhamChristopher310_zpscfd6a1a0.jpg  photo GorhamChristopher311_zps24dc62b4.jpg  photo GorhamChristopher312_zps90120bfe.jpg  photo GorhamChristopher313_zps757bae49.jpg
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