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Rupert Penry-Jones in "Whitechapel" 4x03

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Rupert Penry-Jones, #Whitechapel on September 22, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo Penry-JonesRupert210_zps074b743c.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert211_zpsc70f48c5.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert212_zps7c6fd977.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert213_zpsb90d8b54.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert214_zps75f87ccc.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert215_zps574de6a7.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert216_zpsbac72739.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert217_zpsf1270dcb.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert218_zps0d2f47c2.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert219_zpsd2c8df08.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert220_zpsb26c04fa.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert221_zps0f3324f4.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert222_zps46278b86.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert223_zps7b7dc519.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert224_zps4e3d3973.jpg  photo Penry-JonesRupert225_zps0d28f27b.jpg
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Guys of "We Are Men" 1x01

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Jerry O'Connell, #Christopher Nicholas Smith, #Tony Shalhoub, #Kal Penn, #We Are Men on September 22, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
Christopher Nicholas Smith  photo SmithChristopherNicholas001_zpsb371869f.jpg  photo SmithChristopherNicholas002_zpsb8922fe1.jpg  photo SmithChristopherNicholas003_zps4d92a421.jpg  photo SmithChristopherNicholas004_zpsb99b2671.jpg  photo SmithChristopherNicholas005_zps96f23bcc.jpg  photo SmithChristopherNicholas006_zpsc4d02f59.jpg  photo SmithChristopherNicholas007_zps1f688221.jpg  photo SmithChristopherNicholas008_zpsd779fdc5.jpg  photo SmithChristopherNicholas009_zps12bbfc6f.jpg  photo SmithChristopherNicholas010_zps08c15241.jpg Kal Penn  photo PennKal023_zps15a7239e.jpg  photo PennKal024_zps17596286.jpg  photo PennKal025_zps34d01ec1.jpg  photo PennKal026_zpsdaba76d9.jpg Tony Shalhoub  photo ShalhoubTony004_zps686d46e6.jpg  photo ShalhoubTony005_zps42e2f8ab.jpg  photo ShalhoubTony006_zpsa39b0c25.jpg  photo ShalhoubTony007_zpsd54cc247.jpg Jerry O'Connell  photo OConnellJerry453_zps521524d0.jpg  photo OConnellJerry454_zps0f9e2015.jpg  photo OConnellJerry455_zps48b599ef.jpg  photo OConnellJerry456_zpsa2905a82.jpg  photo OConnellJerry457_zpsf71a4ce0.jpg  photo OConnellJerry458_zps0d8056e3.jpg  photo OConnellJerry459_zps25fbea01.jpg  photo OConnellJerry460_zps854fca8b.jpg  photo OConnellJerry461_zps0b4478f8.jpg  photo OConnellJerry462_zps47451fa7.jpg  photo OConnellJerry463_zps6a59afe1.jpg  photo OConnellJerry464_zps5cb575f4.jpg  photo OConnellJerry465_zps2f413a1c.jpg  photo OConnellJerry466_zpsea57f61b.jpg  photo OConnellJerry467_zpsba2206b3.jpg  photo OConnellJerry468_zpsedc94ee4.jpg  photo OConnellJerry469_zpsb36d0ea2.jpg  photo OConnellJerry470_zps1f0e776d.jpg  photo OConnellJerry471_zpsaff20c39.jpg  photo OConnellJerry472_zps70838c6a.jpg  photo OConnellJerry473_zps66755297.jpg  photo OConnellJerry474_zpsa1d3a5ca.jpg  photo OConnellJerry475_zpsd46468bd.jpg  photo OConnellJerry476_zpsf01d9c8e.jpg  photo OConnellJerry477_zpse0dcc24d.jpg  photo OConnellJerry478_zps0fcedddb.jpg  photo OConnellJerry479_zpsa5a9c017.jpg  photo OConnellJerry480_zps877bd794.jpg  photo OConnellJerry481_zps46b2aec7.jpg  photo OConnellJerry482_zps407fd0ff.jpg  photo OConnellJerry483_zpsca0e3ba7.jpg  photo OConnellJerry484_zpsc9a26494.jpg  photo OConnellJerry485_zps36cbde0a.jpg  photo OConnellJerry486_zps1918d589.jpg  photo OConnellJerry487_zpsfa2a1854.jpg
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Eddie Marsan in "Ray Donovan" 1x11

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Ray Donovan, #Eddie Marsan on September 22, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
Marsan, Eddie 030

Marsan, Eddie 031

Marsan, Eddie 032

Marsan, Eddie 033

Marsan, Eddie 034

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Nicholas D'Agosto and Teddy Sears in "Masters of Sex" 1x01

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Nicholas D'Agosto, #Teddy Sears, #Masters of Sex on September 22, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
D' Agosto, Nicholas 051

D' Agosto, Nicholas 052

D' Agosto, Nicholas 053

D' Agosto, Nicholas 054

D' Agosto, Nicholas 055

D' Agosto, Nicholas 056

D' Agosto, Nicholas 057

D' Agosto, Nicholas 058

D' Agosto, Nicholas 059

D' Agosto, Nicholas 060

D' Agosto, Nicholas 061

D' Agosto, Nicholas 062

D' Agosto, Nicholas 063

Sears, Teddy 044

Sears, Teddy 045

Sears, Teddy 046

Sears, Teddy 047

Sears, Teddy 048

Sears, Teddy 049

Sears, Teddy 050

Sears, Teddy 051

Sears, Teddy 052

Sears, Teddy 053

Sears, Teddy 054

Sears, Teddy 055

Sears, Teddy 056

Sears, Teddy 057

Sears, Teddy 058

Sears, Teddy 059

Sears, Teddy 060

Sears, Teddy 061

Sears, Teddy 062

Sears, Teddy 063

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James Ransone in "Low Winter Sun" 1x06

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #James Ransone, #Low Winter Sun on September 22, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo RansoneJames026_zps8d4d2e4a.jpg  photo RansoneJames027_zpsf32c7f3d.jpg  photo RansoneJames028_zps48a3e27d.jpg  photo RansoneJames029_zps644d7188.jpg  photo RansoneJames030_zps3076af52.jpg
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Allen Leech in "Downton Abbey" 2012 Christmas Special

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Downton Abbey, #Allen Leech on September 22, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo LeechAllen010_zps7d71ac99.jpg  photo LeechAllen011_zpsaedce6f9.jpg  photo LeechAllen012_zps744947ef.jpg  photo LeechAllen013_zps8ec7584a.jpg  photo LeechAllen014_zps65d07909.jpg  photo LeechAllen015_zpsc359bdef.jpg
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Ed Speleers in "Downton Abbey" 3x07

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Ed Speleers, #Downton Abbey on September 22, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo SpeleersEd044_zps5cd20796.jpg  photo SpeleersEd045_zps2ddf8a9e.jpg  photo SpeleersEd046_zps23d5fff4.jpg  photo SpeleersEd047_zps4f7d6106.jpg  photo SpeleersEd048_zps11ec96de.jpg  photo SpeleersEd049_zps0a09edc2.jpg
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Wole Parks and Matt Cedeno in "Devious Maids" 1x12

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Matt Cedeno, #Devious Maids, #Wole Parks on September 22, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo ParksWole004_zps4b3149d0.jpg  photo ParksWole005_zps85b78114.jpg  photo ParksWole006_zpscdf17591.jpg  photo ParksWole007_zpsd48f615a.jpg  photo ParksWole008_zps35f59d65.jpg  photo ParksWole009_zps0dda5e42.jpg  photo ParksWole010_zps79a22c41.jpg  photo CedenoMatt116_zps4df5b729.jpg  photo CedenoMatt117_zps5ec1850f.jpg  photo CedenoMatt118_zps99698ad4.jpg  photo CedenoMatt119_zpsbd2322db.jpg  photo CedenoMatt120_zpse5f9c6ae.jpg  photo CedenoMatt121_zpsd1576c36.jpg  photo CedenoMatt122_zps95e4b8ed.jpg  photo CedenoMatt123_zpse16f9ed5.jpg  photo CedenoMatt124_zpse5da94e5.jpg  photo CedenoMatt125_zps4164ee26.jpg  photo CedenoMatt126_zpse2c79154.jpg
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Tom Weston-Jones in "Copper" 2x12

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Copper, #Tom Weston-Jones on September 22, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
Weston Jones, Tom 069

Weston Jones, Tom 070

Weston Jones, Tom 071

Weston Jones, Tom 072

Weston Jones, Tom 073

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Brian Austin Green in "Anger Management" 2x35

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Brian Austin Green, #Anger Management on September 22, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo GreenBrianAustin250_zps9bd26b54.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin251_zpse079815e.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin252_zpsb2b593f9.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin253_zpsf3d0cf5b.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin254_zpsd0dbbdd7.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin255_zps34610e79.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin256_zpsfd1b551f.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin257_zpsa8df769e.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin258_zps5916c387.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin259_zps8fcae6e0.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin260_zpsaf80a4d4.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin261_zps9134c4fe.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin262_zpsabffa328.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin263_zps0d72e732.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin264_zps8bb74228.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin265_zps9896f104.jpg  photo GreenBrianAustin266_zps43cbb8fb.jpg
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