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Dominic Cooper in "Fleming: The Man Who Would be Bond"

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Dominic Cooper on February 24, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo CooperDominic073_zps47917add.jpg  photo CooperDominic074_zpsbb5d4f5e.jpg  photo CooperDominic075_zps8f69c84b.jpg  photo CooperDominic076_zpsf751fd3e.jpg  photo CooperDominic077_zpsed8d368b.jpg  photo CooperDominic078_zpsc978d10a.jpg  photo CooperDominic079_zpsadda99fc.jpg  photo CooperDominic080_zps95838080.jpg  photo CooperDominic081_zps1cc0f635.jpg  photo CooperDominic082_zps61f4f122.jpg  photo CooperDominic083_zps4c1f96d0.jpg  photo CooperDominic084_zps013b7ec8.jpg  photo CooperDominic085_zpsee7a5147.jpg  photo CooperDominic086_zpse04c3b14.jpg  photo CooperDominic087_zpseacb8af8.jpg  photo CooperDominic088_zps381ca555.jpg  photo CooperDominic089_zps221cf9ab.jpg  photo CooperDominic090_zps6b282df0.jpg  photo CooperDominic091_zpsc72bad20.jpg  photo CooperDominic092_zps01b22f04.jpg  photo CooperDominic093_zpsd22048d4.jpg  photo CooperDominic094_zps0ab3de0f.jpg  photo CooperDominic095_zpsf62236f8.jpg  photo CooperDominic096_zps1d869e18.jpg  photo CooperDominic097_zpsb7a816ea.jpg  photo CooperDominic098_zpsdb1d2700.jpg  photo CooperDominic099_zps0b663621.jpg  photo CooperDominic100_zps9f9d667a.jpg  photo CooperDominic101_zps12256881.jpg  photo CooperDominic102_zpsc88bd851.jpg  photo CooperDominic103_zpsf74bbb16.jpg  photo CooperDominic104_zps657719c1.jpg  photo CooperDominic105_zps6c1dadf5.jpg  photo CooperDominic106_zps61cc695d.jpg  photo CooperDominic107_zps76016ad4.jpg  photo CooperDominic108_zpsb5cc5a05.jpg  photo CooperDominic109_zps155ff811.jpg  photo CooperDominic110_zps92b2a6dd.jpg  photo CooperDominic111_zpsbecf181a.jpg  photo CooperDominic112_zps28532fd4.jpg  photo CooperDominic113_zps112820b5.jpg  photo CooperDominic114_zps6971dad4.jpg  photo CooperDominic115_zpscdf6e1cd.jpg  photo CooperDominic116_zpsa6af8a51.jpg  photo CooperDominic117_zps0992f62b.jpg  photo CooperDominic118_zps9360c04b.jpg
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Jamie Bamber and Taron Egerton in "The Smoke" 1x01

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Jamie Bamber, #Taron Egerton, #The Smoke on February 24, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo BamberJamie154_zpsf7e64b61.jpg  photo BamberJamie155_zpsa0484dee.jpg  photo BamberJamie156_zps064d7c7c.jpg  photo BamberJamie157_zps1e633340.jpg  photo BamberJamie158_zps77e8075b.jpg  photo BamberJamie159_zpsa2f2618e.jpg  photo BamberJamie160_zpsf603f743.jpg Egerton, Taron 001

Egerton, Taron 002

Egerton, Taron 003

Egerton, Taron 004

Egerton, Taron 005

Egerton, Taron 006

Egerton, Taron 007

Egerton, Taron 008

Egerton, Taron 009

Egerton, Taron 010

Egerton, Taron 011

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Jonathan Groff and Raul Castillo in "Looking" 1x05

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Jonathan Groff, #Raul Castillo, #Looking on February 24, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
Groff, Jonathan 083

Groff, Jonathan 084

Groff, Jonathan 085

Groff, Jonathan 086

Groff, Jonathan 087

Groff, Jonathan 088

Groff, Jonathan 089

Groff, Jonathan 090

Groff, Jonathan 091

Groff, Jonathan 092

Groff, Jonathan 093

Groff, Jonathan 094

Groff, Jonathan 095

Groff, Jonathan 096

Groff, Jonathan 097

Groff, Jonathan 098

Groff, Jonathan 099

Groff, Jonathan 100

Groff, Jonathan 101

Groff, Jonathan 102

Groff, Jonathan 103

Groff, Jonathan 104

Groff, Jonathan 105

Castillo, Raul 016

Castillo, Raul 017

Castillo, Raul 018

Castillo, Raul 019

Castillo, Raul 020

Castillo, Raul 021

Castillo, Raul 022

Castillo, Raul 023

Castillo, Raul 024

Castillo, Raul 025

Castillo, Raul 026

Castillo, Raul 027

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Morgan McClellan in "Criminal Minds" 9x15

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Criminal Minds, #Morgan McClellan on February 24, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo McClellanMorgan001_zps82271295.jpg  photo McClellanMorgan002_zps04af3741.jpg  photo McClellanMorgan003_zps1dbc9331.jpg  photo McClellanMorgan004_zpsbf44d191.jpg  photo McClellanMorgan005_zps601545df.jpg  photo McClellanMorgan006_zps8406da27.jpg  photo McClellanMorgan007_zps8361bdff.jpg  photo McClellanMorgan008_zps5cf0172d.jpg  photo McClellanMorgan009_zps3e7a15b2.jpg  photo McClellanMorgan010_zps7b18baae.jpg  photo McClellanMorgan011_zpsb267e926.jpg  photo McClellanMorgan012_zpsf7c7f564.jpg  photo McClellanMorgan013_zps49c09fe6.jpg
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Sam Huntington and Sam Witwer in "Being Human" 4x06

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Sam Huntington, #Sam Witwer, #Being Human on February 24, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo HuntingtonSam135_zps6b7c82a0.jpg  photo HuntingtonSam136_zps1780913b.jpg  photo HuntingtonSam137_zpsa55f6458.jpg  photo HuntingtonSam138_zpscf817e09.jpg  photo HuntingtonSam139_zps73b19eaa.jpg  photo HuntingtonSam140_zps0671d9ae.jpg  photo HuntingtonSam141_zps0e215792.jpg  photo WitwerSam221_zpsde19510e.jpg  photo WitwerSam222_zps8871e7ef.jpg  photo WitwerSam223_zps12ef70a9.jpg  photo WitwerSam224_zps2a4008d3.jpg  photo WitwerSam225_zps5e8ec3b6.jpg  photo WitwerSam226_zps0bf346e8.jpg  photo WitwerSam227_zps68526366.jpg  photo WitwerSam228_zpsd3924dce.jpg  photo WitwerSam229_zpsa451cc43.jpg  photo WitwerSam230_zps45a7f631.jpg  photo WitwerSam231_zpsced7d5ac.jpg  photo WitwerSam232_zpsdc4d4a8f.jpg  photo WitwerSam233_zpsfe492bb6.jpg  photo WitwerSam234_zpsc4c8759b.jpg  photo WitwerSam235_zpsad000879.jpg  photo WitwerSam236_zpsb23883ba.jpg
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Noah Danby in "Bitten" 1x07

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Noah Danby, #Bitten on February 24, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo DanbyNoah049_zps39c30f4b.jpg  photo DanbyNoah050_zpsa8f91db2.jpg  photo DanbyNoah051_zpsb68ad896.jpg  photo DanbyNoah052_zpsf21826cd.jpg  photo DanbyNoah053_zpsb395d3c8.jpg  photo DanbyNoah054_zps63d11b13.jpg  photo DanbyNoah055_zps3070cb3e.jpg  photo DanbyNoah056_zps766441c6.jpg  photo DanbyNoah057_zps1fc70722.jpg  photo DanbyNoah058_zpse1b21264.jpg
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Paul Greene in "Bitten" 1x06

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Paul Greene, #Bitten on February 24, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo GreenePaul074_zpsa75261a1.jpg  photo GreenePaul075_zpsac637c3e.jpg  photo GreenePaul076_zpsa076f951.jpg  photo GreenePaul077_zps8e5ba25b.jpg  photo GreenePaul078_zps62b1a72e.jpg  photo GreenePaul079_zps479ab4da.jpg  photo GreenePaul080_zpsb3adc156.jpg  photo GreenePaul081_zpscf243649.jpg
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Jay Ryan in "Beauty and the Beast" 2x14

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Beauty and the Beast, #Jay Ryan on February 24, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo RyanJay149_zpsd386ef5f.jpg  photo RyanJay150_zps627e9ea2.jpg  photo RyanJay151_zps0c8f2dc9.jpg  photo RyanJay152_zps9c43409c.jpg  photo RyanJay153_zpsc410c673.jpg  photo RyanJay154_zps0413770e.jpg  photo RyanJay155_zpsa414c48e.jpg  photo RyanJay156_zpse1e2f0ef.jpg  photo RyanJay157_zpsc83c171f.jpg
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Antony Starr and Harrison Thomas in "Banshee" 2x06

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Antony Starr, #Banshee, #Harrison Thomas on February 24, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo StarrAntony127_zpsa7523494.jpg  photo StarrAntony128_zpsdce4f562.jpg  photo StarrAntony129_zps1ccdc92a.jpg  photo StarrAntony130_zpsb264a65d.jpg  photo StarrAntony131_zpsfa7bc2a1.jpg  photo StarrAntony132_zps089453b5.jpg  photo StarrAntony133_zpsc4ff99e5.jpg  photo StarrAntony134_zps880bd7fd.jpg  photo StarrAntony135_zps9ddb48e3.jpg  photo StarrAntony136_zps5ae4566d.jpg Thomas, Harrison 006

Thomas, Harrison 007

Thomas, Harrison 008

Thomas, Harrison 009

Thomas, Harrison 010

Thomas, Harrison 011

Thomas, Harrison 012

Thomas, Harrison 013

Thomas, Harrison 014

Thomas, Harrison 015

Thomas, Harrison 016

Thomas, Harrison 017

Thomas, Harrison 018

Thomas, Harrison 019

Thomas, Harrison 020

Thomas, Harrison 021

Thomas, Harrison 022

Thomas, Harrison 023

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David Walton in "About a Boy" 1x01

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #David Walton, #About a Boy on February 24, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo WaltonDavid058_zps17fe6cbd.jpg  photo WaltonDavid059_zps58282326.jpg  photo WaltonDavid060_zps18a5ad76.jpg  photo WaltonDavid061_zpsebe1fac7.jpg  photo WaltonDavid062_zps8aaf315d.jpg  photo WaltonDavid063_zps8968e31c.jpg  photo WaltonDavid064_zps9148568e.jpg  photo WaltonDavid065_zpsaa675114.jpg  photo WaltonDavid066_zps2196f1db.jpg  photo WaltonDavid067_zps585c48af.jpg  photo WaltonDavid068_zps2538db26.jpg  photo WaltonDavid069_zps363ca4e1.jpg  photo WaltonDavid070_zpsbf387004.jpg  photo WaltonDavid071_zpsb710c2f6.jpg  photo WaltonDavid072_zpse406da06.jpg  photo WaltonDavid073_zpsef4ffa2c.jpg  photo WaltonDavid074_zps7570a6fd.jpg  photo WaltonDavid075_zpsd6da3016.jpg  photo WaltonDavid076_zpsbeb177e0.jpg  photo WaltonDavid077_zps1eb725fb.jpg  photo WaltonDavid078_zps3fab8170.jpg  photo WaltonDavid079_zps6c7ea1ab.jpg  photo WaltonDavid080_zpsfd25077e.jpg  photo WaltonDavid081_zps90ad8559.jpg  photo WaltonDavid082_zps8ba3bd88.jpg  photo WaltonDavid083_zps28d87c82.jpg  photo WaltonDavid084_zpsb6af600b.jpg  photo WaltonDavid085_zps5280d2ed.jpg
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