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Joey Auzenne in "Those Who Kill" 1x04

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Those Who Kill, #Joey Auzenne on June 16, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo AuzenneJoey001_zpsf0ec54cc.jpg  photo AuzenneJoey002_zps75ebe0f4.jpg  photo AuzenneJoey003_zps569074a7.jpg  photo AuzenneJoey004_zpse8886697.jpg  photo AuzenneJoey005_zps2d52625e.jpg
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Ryan O'Nan in "Those Who Kill" 1x01

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Ryan O'Nan, #Those Who Kill on June 16, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo ONanRyan001_zpsde0e19c8.jpg  photo ONanRyan002_zps5774a4d8.jpg  photo ONanRyan003_zps2ba4097d.jpg  photo ONanRyan004_zpsb1a052c3.jpg  photo ONanRyan005_zps1bda8cc4.jpg  photo ONanRyan006_zps2d9ea0bf.jpg  photo ONanRyan007_zps01f56e79.jpg  photo ONanRyan008_zpsa2185ec6.jpg
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Omari Hardwick, Andy Bean and Luis Antonio Ramos in "Power" 1x02

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Omari Hardwick, #Power, #Andy Bean, #Luis Antonio Ramos on June 16, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
Hardwick, Omari 034

Hardwick, Omari 035

Hardwick, Omari 036

Hardwick, Omari 037

Hardwick, Omari 038

Hardwick, Omari 039

Hardwick, Omari 040

Hardwick, Omari 041

Hardwick, Omari 042

Hardwick, Omari 043

Hardwick, Omari 044

Hardwick, Omari 045

Hardwick, Omari 046

Hardwick, Omari 047

Hardwick, Omari 048

Hardwick, Omari 049

Hardwick, Omari 050

Hardwick, Omari 051

Hardwick, Omari 052

Hardwick, Omari 053

Hardwick, Omari 054

Bean, Andy 001

Bean, Andy 002

Bean, Andy 003

Bean, Andy 004

Bean, Andy 005

Bean, Andy 006

Bean, Andy 007

Bean, Andy 008

Bean, Andy 009

Bean, Andy 010

Bean, Andy 011

Bean, Andy 012

Ramos, Luis Antonio 001

Ramos, Luis Antonio 002

Ramos, Luis Antonio 003

Ramos, Luis Antonio 004

Ramos, Luis Antonio 005

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Guys of "The Normal Heart"

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Matthew Bomer, #Taylor Kitsch, #The Normal Heart, #Mark Ruffalo, #Frank De Julio, #William DeMerrit on June 16, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
The Normal Heart 001

The Normal Heart 002

The Normal Heart 003

The Normal Heart 004

The Normal Heart 005

The Normal Heart 006

The Normal Heart 007

The Normal Heart 008

The Normal Heart 009

The Normal Heart 010

The Normal Heart 011

The Normal Heart 012

The Normal Heart 013

The Normal Heart 014

The Normal Heart 015

The Normal Heart 016

The Normal Heart 017

The Normal Heart 018

The Normal Heart 019

The Normal Heart 020

The Normal Heart 021

The Normal Heart 022

The Normal Heart 023

The Normal Heart 024

The Normal Heart 025

The Normal Heart 026

The Normal Heart 027

The Normal Heart 028

The Normal Heart 029

The Normal Heart 030

The Normal Heart 031

The Normal Heart 032

 photo DeJulioFrank003_zps01279954.jpg  photo DeJulioFrank004_zpse3388fe0.jpg  photo DeJulioFrank005_zps30c5e8ba.jpg  photo DeJulioFrank006_zpsdb116bd9.jpg  photo DeJulioFrank007_zps8dc9ac98.jpg  photo DeJulioFrank008_zpsfd9ad27d.jpg  photo DeJulioFrank009_zpsc7894bd1.jpg  photo DeJulioFrank010_zps3bf7d026.jpg  photo DeMerittWilliam001_zps69b0a2a4.jpg  photo DeMerittWilliam002_zpsab39deeb.jpg  photo DeMerittWilliam003_zpsfcaf059b.jpg  photo DeMerittWilliam004_zps7d97e9cf.jpg  photo GroffJonathan113_zps0edba4d0.jpg  photo GroffJonathan114_zps10f4819f.jpg  photo GroffJonathan115_zps626b97da.jpg  photo GroffJonathan116_zpsb53d9ae8.jpg  photo GroffJonathan117_zps6a885c2e.jpg  photo GroffJonathan118_zps578da895.jpg  photo GroffJonathan119_zps8dcc1f21.jpg  photo GroffJonathan120_zpsad4de92f.jpg  photo GroffJonathan121_zps501ee3a9.jpg  photo GroffJonathan122_zps69057268.jpg  photo GroffJonathan123_zps69878cf8.jpg  photo GroffJonathan124_zpsb5ea1095.jpg  photo GroffJonathan125_zps3716dc7a.jpg  photo GroffJonathan126_zpsc83c437a.jpg  photo GroffJonathan127_zpsc5f6125d.jpg  photo KitschTaylor132_zps3e32742f.jpg  photo KitschTaylor133_zpsab110fcf.jpg  photo KitschTaylor134_zpsb7e34bd9.jpg  photo KitschTaylor135_zpsfc98ecb8.jpg  photo KitschTaylor136_zps8c2d398f.jpg  photo KitschTaylor137_zpsa496233c.jpg  photo KitschTaylor138_zps5d179b3f.jpg  photo KitschTaylor139_zps237e94fb.jpg  photo KitschTaylor140_zpsc71f6a27.jpg  photo KitschTaylor141_zps0bc2e0d3.jpg  photo KitschTaylor142_zps9079596d.jpg  photo KitschTaylor143_zps5d8c412c.jpg  photo KitschTaylor144_zps78903e23.jpg  photo KitschTaylor145_zps76404a29.jpg Ruffalo, Mark 119

Ruffalo, Mark 120

Ruffalo, Mark 121

Ruffalo, Mark 122

Ruffalo, Mark 123

Ruffalo, Mark 124

Ruffalo, Mark 125

Ruffalo, Mark 126

Ruffalo, Mark 127

Ruffalo, Mark 128

Ruffalo, Mark 129

Ruffalo, Mark 130

Ruffalo, Mark 131

Ruffalo, Mark 132

Ruffalo, Mark 133

Ruffalo, Mark 134

Ruffalo, Mark 135

Ruffalo, Mark 136

Bomer, Matthew 284

Bomer, Matthew 285

Bomer, Matthew 286

Bomer, Matthew 287

Bomer, Matthew 288

Bomer, Matthew 289

Bomer, Matthew 290

Bomer, Matthew 291

Bomer, Matthew 292

Bomer, Matthew 293

Bomer, Matthew 295

Bomer, Matthew 296

Bomer, Matthew 297

Bomer, Matthew 298

Bomer, Matthew 299

Bomer, Matthew 300

Bomer, Matthew 301

Bomer, Matthew 302

Bomer, Matthew 303

Bomer, Matthew 305

Bomer, Matthew 306

Bomer, Matthew 307

Bomer, Matthew 309

Bomer, Matthew 310

Bomer, Matthew 311

Bomer, Matthew 312

 photo KitschTaylor146_zps16943c9d.jpg  photo KitschTaylor147_zps24f6e88c.jpg  photo KitschTaylor148_zps776e309e.jpg  photo KitschTaylor149_zpsac1c39ee.jpg  photo KitschTaylor150_zpsb90925ef.jpg  photo KitschTaylor151_zps58edb6bc.jpg  photo KitschTaylor152_zpsdead8fe6.jpg  photo KitschTaylor153_zpsca854e02.jpg  photo KitschTaylor154_zpsec0127ed.jpg  photo KitschTaylor155_zpsa839267d.jpg  photo KitschTaylor156_zpsecef2831.jpg  photo KitschTaylor157_zpsa37bc541.jpg  photo KitschTaylor158_zps40a6c302.jpg  photo KitschTaylor159_zpsa3b44b80.jpg  photo KitschTaylor160_zpsc531baf8.jpg  photo KitschTaylor161_zpsbc2518ae.jpg
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Bobby Morley in "The 100" 1x11

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Bobby Morley, #The 100 on June 16, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo MorleyBobby015_zpsbae908e0.jpg  photo MorleyBobby016_zps27f21d57.jpg  photo MorleyBobby017_zps27e61759.jpg  photo MorleyBobby018_zps9f2bd879.jpg  photo MorleyBobby019_zps2fcac5f2.jpg  photo MorleyBobby020_zps9ca0ce23.jpg  photo MorleyBobby021_zps40c81770.jpg  photo MorleyBobby022_zps37e92a66.jpg  photo MorleyBobby023_zps2dd6a757.jpg
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Ricky Whittle in "The 100" 1x09

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #The 100, #Ricky Whittle on June 16, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo WhittleRicky055_zps1207179a.jpg  photo WhittleRicky056_zpsad401229.jpg  photo WhittleRicky057_zps8fb59bac.jpg
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Ricky Whittle and Thomas McDonell in "The 100" 1x08

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #The 100, #Thomas McDonell, #Ricky Whittle on June 16, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo WhittleRicky050_zps75e31199.jpg  photo WhittleRicky051_zps6cee173f.jpg  photo WhittleRicky052_zpsd1ef408d.jpg  photo WhittleRicky053_zps882ad21b.jpg  photo McDonellThomas025_zps0543050b.jpg  photo McDonellThomas026_zpsc1926f90.jpg
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Thomas McDonell and Ricky Whittle in "The 100" 1x07

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #The 100, #Thomas McDonell, #Ricky Whittle on June 16, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo McDonellThomas006_zps0c6e1f59.jpg  photo McDonellThomas007_zpsfd902765.jpg  photo McDonellThomas008_zps2f5b297a.jpg  photo McDonellThomas009_zpscc771704.jpg  photo McDonellThomas010_zpsd4f1ca3b.jpg  photo McDonellThomas011_zpsd45c1e26.jpg  photo McDonellThomas012_zps2bf21fa8.jpg  photo McDonellThomas013_zps55211029.jpg  photo McDonellThomas014_zps1ef5fa92.jpg  photo McDonellThomas015_zps055f0015.jpg  photo McDonellThomas016_zps52ac38b8.jpg  photo McDonellThomas017_zps0dbafba9.jpg  photo McDonellThomas018_zps0cf9fc84.jpg  photo McDonellThomas019_zps8e3cb79a.jpg  photo McDonellThomas020_zps380eff3c.jpg  photo McDonellThomas021_zpseb8791cb.jpg  photo McDonellThomas022_zpsd072846a.jpg  photo McDonellThomas023_zps5169d77c.jpg  photo McDonellThomas024_zpsbf277dbf.jpg  photo WhittleRicky041_zps5cd90eed.jpg  photo WhittleRicky042_zps781abe35.jpg  photo WhittleRicky043_zpsec418fd7.jpg  photo WhittleRicky044_zps2ce88c5c.jpg  photo WhittleRicky045_zpsf87fcc15.jpg  photo WhittleRicky046_zps6b0d64a1.jpg  photo WhittleRicky047_zps55e77c5d.jpg  photo WhittleRicky048_zpse7f987cf.jpg  photo WhittleRicky049_zps61175afa.jpg
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Thomas McDonell and Bobby Morley in "The 100" 1x05

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Bobby Morley, #The 100, #Thomas McDonell on June 16, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo McDonellThomas002_zpsc0381af6.jpg  photo McDonellThomas003_zpsa89d2e74.jpg  photo McDonellThomas004_zps986fff86.jpg  photo McDonellThomas005_zps6037cba4.jpg  photo MorleyBobby011_zps3f80697b.jpg  photo MorleyBobby012_zps6bc12741.jpg  photo MorleyBobby013_zps49f8efc9.jpg  photo MorleyBobby014_zps94dd2c3c.jpg
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Brendan Fehr and Unknown Guy in "The Night Shift" 1x03

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #The Night Shift, #Brendan Fehr on June 16, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo FehrBrendan067_zpsc3cc94f3.jpg  photo FehrBrendan068_zps6f2d5612.jpg  photo FehrBrendan069_zps7e09ea42.jpg  photo FehrBrendan070_zps7b4ac7bc.jpg  photo FehrBrendan071_zpsf4527ce4.jpg  photo FehrBrendan072_zps29bf22fe.jpg  photo FehrBrendan073_zps8b02329e.jpg  photo FehrBrendan074_zps36faa7c8.jpg  photo FehrBrendan075_zps4555441a.jpg  photo FehrBrendan076_zps5e9add2a.jpg  photo FehrBrendan077_zpse4411828.jpg  photo FehrBrendan078_zpse57e447c.jpg  photo TheNightShift001_zps4e7e32c4.jpg  photo TheNightShift002_zpsd77a8979.jpg  photo TheNightShift003_zps7c1095fd.jpg  photo TheNightShift004_zpse257072f.jpg  photo TheNightShift005_zpsd5f6bab0.jpg  photo TheNightShift006_zps0b3b9121.jpg  photo TheNightShift007_zps10492112.jpg  photo TheNightShift008_zps14322959.jpg  photo TheNightShift009_zps7fab9c0f.jpg  photo TheNightShift010_zps5d1efae7.jpg  photo TheNightShift011_zpsf690106c.jpg
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