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Nathan Phillips in "The Bridge" 2x06

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #The Bridge, #Nathan Phillips on August 17, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo PhillipsNathan066_zpsc2664b3c.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan067_zpsea9297a9.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan068_zps678d2883.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan069_zps3679c2d5.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan070_zps2fa9f644.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan071_zps6cb0032f.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan072_zpsf508b349.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan073_zps3b312919.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan074_zpse6c01839.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan075_zps8b5cf7da.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan076_zpsdfc5c28f.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan077_zps55461b98.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan078_zps14a3d73d.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan079_zps60c25567.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan080_zps4680cc3e.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan081_zps51d7eb3d.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan082_zps29a20883.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan083_zps6f2dbc27.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan084_zpse022757d.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan085_zps169ee2c2.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan086_zps74ea3c16.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan087_zpsf9aca759.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan088_zps9f3911a6.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan089_zps0df9a1d8.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan090_zps9cd17d92.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan091_zpscf0fbcd6.jpg  photo PhillipsNathan092_zps20fa0c9b.jpg
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Blair Redford in "Satisfaction" 1x05

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Blair Redford, #Satisfaction on August 17, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo RedfordBlair141_zpsa3641a81.jpg  photo RedfordBlair142_zpsc06cfbad.jpg  photo RedfordBlair143_zps7f061cb9.jpg
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Max Carver and Justin Theroux in "The Leftovers" 1x07

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Max Carver, #Justin Theroux, #The Leftovers on August 17, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
Carver, Max 036

Carver, Max 037

Carver, Max 038

 photo TherouxJustin084_zps5b5b8b1b.jpg  photo TherouxJustin085_zpsbb900697.jpg  photo TherouxJustin086_zpsd55a2a21.jpg  photo TherouxJustin087_zpsd919901b.jpg  photo TherouxJustin088_zps9610ca10.jpg  photo TherouxJustin089_zps84c3bfb7.jpg  photo TherouxJustin090_zpsbd1a849b.jpg  photo TherouxJustin091_zpsed95c505.jpg  photo TherouxJustin092_zps7bf9c0af.jpg  photo TherouxJustin093_zps4c39910b.jpg  photo TherouxJustin094_zps8620f756.jpg  photo TherouxJustin095_zps10d27755.jpg
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Hank Azaria in "Ray Donovan" 2x05

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Ray Donovan, #Hank Azaria on August 17, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo AzariaHank043_zps8ded0315.jpg  photo AzariaHank044_zps8e6f3abc.jpg  photo AzariaHank045_zpse41df6b6.jpg  photo AzariaHank046_zps13cd29c8.jpg
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Jefferson White in "Manhattan" 1x03

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Jefferson White, #Manhattan on August 17, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo WhiteJefferson001_zpsfedfd83f.jpg  photo WhiteJefferson002_zps43dcb4d7.jpg  photo WhiteJefferson003_zps2fd1a36a.jpg  photo WhiteJefferson004_zpsf1fc7f03.jpg
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Tyler Hoechlin and Tyler Posey in "Teen Wolf" 4x08

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Tyler Posey, #Teen Wolf, #Tyler Hoechlin on August 17, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo HoechlinTyler123_zps28fbd8a9.jpg  photo HoechlinTyler124_zpsa2318022.jpg  photo HoechlinTyler125_zpsd8de7740.jpg  photo HoechlinTyler126_zpsd416600e.jpg  photo HoechlinTyler127_zps33429f67.jpg  photo HoechlinTyler128_zps2034ce38.jpg  photo HoechlinTyler129_zps659c3429.jpg  photo HoechlinTyler130_zps1c317d6c.jpg  photo HoechlinTyler131_zps8690216e.jpg  photo PoseyTyler127_zpse9f09870.jpg  photo PoseyTyler128_zps512bd816.jpg  photo PoseyTyler129_zpsaf2b0afc.jpg
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Tom Felton and Steven Weber in "Murder in the First" 1x10

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Steven Weber, #Tom Felton, #Murder in the First on August 17, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo FeltonTom038_zps82b96cbc.jpg  photo FeltonTom039_zps184fbe1e.jpg  photo FeltonTom040_zps4528766d.jpg  photo FeltonTom041_zps4fb1d149.jpg  photo FeltonTom042_zps537cef2c.jpg  photo FeltonTom043_zps6eab4dd8.jpg  photo FeltonTom044_zpse7461f82.jpg  photo FeltonTom045_zps8f8745d5.jpg  photo FeltonTom046_zps3b38947b.jpg  photo FeltonTom047_zps1a756115.jpg Weber, Steven 079

Weber, Steven 080

Weber, Steven 081

Weber, Steven 082

Weber, Steven 083

Weber, Steven 084

Weber, Steven 085

Weber, Steven 086

Weber, Steven 087

Weber, Steven 088

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Jon Tenney in "Major Crimes" 3x10

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Jon Tenney, #Major Crimes on August 17, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo TenneyJon198_zpscfad7c91.jpg  photo TenneyJon199_zpsa606c558.jpg  photo TenneyJon200_zpsea7d53b4.jpg  photo TenneyJon201_zpsc6992857.jpg  photo TenneyJon202_zpsa8f83f5c.jpg  photo TenneyJon203_zpsd9b179ec.jpg  photo TenneyJon204_zps65b3e764.jpg  photo TenneyJon205_zps41fc6c33.jpg  photo TenneyJon206_zps75b77421.jpg
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Tom Ellis in "Rush" 1x05

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Tom Ellis, #Rush on August 17, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo EllisTom071_zps82572eb4.jpg  photo EllisTom072_zpsdb9f072d.jpg  photo EllisTom073_zps83b57cd4.jpg  photo EllisTom074_zps91d896b3.jpg  photo EllisTom075_zpsa09bc4a4.jpg  photo EllisTom076_zps0e4c40f4.jpg  photo EllisTom077_zpsd7c8d347.jpg  photo EllisTom078_zps38d061d5.jpg  photo EllisTom079_zps7b7e7acc.jpg  photo EllisTom080_zps319de819.jpg  photo EllisTom081_zpsf0cfaaf2.jpg  photo EllisTom082_zps50496855.jpg  photo EllisTom083_zps1e907a59.jpg  photo EllisTom084_zpsa9acf567.jpg
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Cristian De La Fuente in "Royal Pains" 6x10

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Royal Pains, #Cristian De La Fuente on August 17, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo DeLaFuenteCristian105_zps24627065.jpg  photo DeLaFuenteCristian106_zps5b859ce3.jpg
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