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Tyler Hilton in "Castle" 7x07

Posted in with tags #Castle, #Tyler Hilton on May 7, 2015 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo Hilton Tyler 005_zpso3gacchd.jpg  photo Hilton Tyler 006_zpsvnh3lsl5.jpg  photo Hilton Tyler 007_zpsxqll3ru0.jpg  photo Hilton Tyler 008_zpssqmwwsks.jpg  photo Hilton Tyler 009_zpseqpbeflx.jpg  photo Hilton Tyler 010_zps21ovyurd.jpg  photo Hilton Tyler 011_zps6isxdof2.jpg  photo Hilton Tyler 012_zps2e47yifi.jpg  photo Hilton Tyler 013_zpsfjjgzcg2.jpg
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Brandon Routh in "Arrow" 3x07

Posted in with tags #Brandon Routh, #Arrow on May 7, 2015 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo Routh Brandon 095_zpskcatixko.jpg  photo Routh Brandon 096_zpsvxpseazl.jpg  photo Routh Brandon 097_zpsopw1ab1o.jpg  photo Routh Brandon 098_zpsjzlfw6op.jpg  photo Routh Brandon 099_zps4jfu3fde.jpg  photo Routh Brandon 100_zpsq09dd5jy.jpg  photo Routh Brandon 101_zpstg6tse8x.jpg  photo Routh Brandon 102_zps7acfqlh4.jpg  photo Routh Brandon 103_zps5a5jc4oe.jpg  photo Routh Brandon 104_zpsblvv1twd.jpg  photo Routh Brandon 105_zpsuwjq1u1r.jpg
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Ioan Gruffudd in "Forever" 1x08

Posted in with tags #Ioan Gruffudd, #Forever on May 7, 2015 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo vlc-00011_zpsrtyribrv.jpg  photo vlc-00012_zpsrzwzubx3.jpg  photo vlc-00013_zpsjkujwfir.jpg  photo vlc-00014_zpsnm0lru3c.jpg  photo vlc-00015_zpsuehigf7i.jpg  photo vlc-00016_zps6cnzzdv4.jpg  photo vlc-00017_zpsbmqqdqsn.jpg  photo vlc-00018_zpsgj3hqpmh.jpg  photo vlc-00019_zpsdidrkakn.jpg  photo vlc-00020_zpsjky6ow3f.jpg  photo vlc-00021_zpsfspfibxy.jpg  photo vlc-00022_zpsxewd4ito.jpg  photo vlc-00023_zpsi06xrdys.jpg  photo vlc-00024_zpsvkblad2j.jpg
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Brian Austin Green in "Anger Management" 2x77

Posted in with tags #Brian Austin Green, #Anger Management on May 7, 2015 by scenesofmaleskin
Brian Austin Green in "Anger Management" 2x77  photo Green Brian Austin 316_zpsncmioehl.jpg  photo Green Brian Austin 317_zpsjhudqf4o.jpg  photo Green Brian Austin 318_zpsj3she8v0.jpg  photo Green Brian Austin 319_zpsbzv9or0e.jpg  photo Green Brian Austin 320_zpsjz9xuxnh.jpg  photo Green Brian Austin 321_zpsk0aggg2f.jpg  photo Green Brian Austin 322_zpswwy2mera.jpg  photo Green Brian Austin 323_zpsy9fycj4u.jpg  photo Green Brian Austin 324_zpsdrrvly0o.jpg  photo Green Brian Austin 325_zpsug8zvaho.jpg
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