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Riley Smith, Ryan Kwanten, Noah Matthews and Stephen Moyer in "True Blood" 7x07

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Ryan Kwanten, #Stephen Moyer, #True Blood, #Noah Matthews, #Riley Smith on August 10, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
Smith, Riley 022

Smith, Riley 024

Smith, Riley 025

Smith, Riley 026

Smith, Riley 027

 photo KwantenRyan781_zpse27568a2.jpg  photo KwantenRyan782_zps4d7b3b45.jpg  photo KwantenRyan783_zps7f123197.jpg  photo KwantenRyan784_zps07aea407.jpg  photo KwantenRyan785_zps30530cca.jpg  photo KwantenRyan786_zps81da6bf6.jpg  photo KwantenRyan787_zpsfc9e3341.jpg  photo KwantenRyan788_zps29de2336.jpg  photo KwantenRyan789_zps2d7c8631.jpg  photo KwantenRyan790_zpsb97e5219.jpg  photo KwantenRyan791_zpsc018a493.jpg  photo KwantenRyan792_zps2f9ab1b4.jpg  photo KwantenRyan793_zpscbcf2794.jpg  photo KwantenRyan794_zpse5982f3f.jpg  photo MatthewsNoah016_zps12bb207c.jpg  photo MatthewsNoah017_zps59f33a8f.jpg  photo MatthewsNoah018_zps3db22fb5.jpg  photo MatthewsNoah019_zps9260a954.jpg  photo MatthewsNoah020_zpscdefa3f1.jpg  photo MatthewsNoah021_zps1be8baa8.jpg  photo MatthewsNoah022_zps516f33d9.jpg  photo MatthewsNoah023_zpse8599077.jpg  photo MatthewsNoah024_zpsa38baa01.jpg  photo MatthewsNoah025_zpsb7647660.jpg Moyer, Stephen 186

Moyer, Stephen 187

Moyer, Stephen 188

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Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten and Noah Matthews in "True Blood" 7x06

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Ryan Kwanten, #Stephen Moyer, #True Blood, #Noah Matthews on August 4, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo MoyerStephen175_zps46080a8c.jpg  photo MoyerStephen176_zps66d3ac37.jpg  photo MoyerStephen177_zpsd74cb2a5.jpg  photo MoyerStephen178_zps55825a10.jpg  photo MoyerStephen179_zpsa5dae8b8.jpg  photo MoyerStephen180_zps24920c7f.jpg  photo MoyerStephen181_zps9990d25e.jpg  photo MoyerStephen182_zps789fbeb2.jpg  photo MoyerStephen183_zpsafe4210e.jpg  photo MoyerStephen184_zps0e9a0414.jpg  photo MoyerStephen185_zps5e33e924.jpg  photo KwantenRyan756_zps4d7d64d1.jpg  photo KwantenRyan757_zpse7192ed8.jpg  photo KwantenRyan758_zps4a51a814.jpg  photo KwantenRyan759_zps71b3a500.jpg  photo KwantenRyan760_zps21bcceed.jpg  photo KwantenRyan761_zps40980c77.jpg  photo KwantenRyan762_zpsabfe4237.jpg  photo KwantenRyan763_zps4fd6b418.jpg  photo KwantenRyan764_zps863efccb.jpg  photo KwantenRyan765_zpsc649e038.jpg  photo KwantenRyan766_zps4db95163.jpg  photo KwantenRyan767_zpsdc94af8d.jpg  photo KwantenRyan768_zps6f2ea20b.jpg  photo KwantenRyan769_zps19a238d4.jpg Matthews, Noah 001

Matthews, Noah 002

Matthews, Noah 003

Matthews, Noah 004

Matthews, Noah 005

Matthews, Noah 006

Matthews, Noah 007

Matthews, Noah 008

Matthews, Noah 009

Matthews, Noah 010

Matthews, Noah 011

Matthews, Noah 012

Matthews, Noah 013

Matthews, Noah 014

Matthews, Noah 015

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Ryan Kwanten and Stephen Moyer in "True Blood" 7x05

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Ryan Kwanten, #Stephen Moyer, #True Blood on July 27, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo KwantenRyan750_zps63ac0069.jpg  photo KwantenRyan751_zpse20cbad5.jpg  photo KwantenRyan752_zps19862d9b.jpg  photo KwantenRyan753_zpsd28d88e0.jpg  photo KwantenRyan754_zps3330d342.jpg  photo KwantenRyan755_zps7b47e8cb.jpg  photo MoyerStephen169_zpsf2ce013d.jpg  photo MoyerStephen170_zps629adec2.jpg  photo MoyerStephen171_zps05b76940.jpg  photo MoyerStephen172_zps0e962a30.jpg  photo MoyerStephen173_zpsd48a1940.jpg  photo MoyerStephen174_zpsfd5dd97a.jpg  photo MoyerStephen175_zps40754a11.jpg
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Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgard in "True Blood" 7x02

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Ryan Kwanten, #True Blood, #Alexander Skarsgard on July 4, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo KwantenRyan740_zps1c357b59.jpg  photo KwantenRyan741_zpsfb582dd9.jpg  photo KwantenRyan742_zps8d59a01d.jpg  photo KwantenRyan743_zps99a47ce3.jpg  photo KwantenRyan744_zps1fb228c6.jpg  photo KwantenRyan745_zps3c3ef4fe.jpg  photo KwantenRyan746_zpsb056e5f4.jpg  photo KwantenRyan747_zps201448a4.jpg  photo KwantenRyan748_zps055064e4.jpg  photo KwantenRyan749_zps1bde0639.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander308_zpsf4775a8b.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander309_zps4ab2c370.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander310_zpseb162bee.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander311_zps891c6553.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander312_zpse30559eb.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander313_zpsa5be4cce.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander314_zpsff647b4c.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander315_zps6cc46256.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander316_zpse3fc3b20.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander317_zps9b7eec88.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander318_zps4682bb85.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander319_zps0dacd52e.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander320_zpsf52936cf.jpg
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Ryan Kwanten and Joe Manganiello in "True Blood" 7x01

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Ryan Kwanten, #True Blood, #Joe Manganiello on July 1, 2014 by scenesofmaleskin
Kwanten, Ryan 728

Kwanten, Ryan 729

Kwanten, Ryan 730

Kwanten, Ryan 731

Kwanten, Ryan 732

Kwanten, Ryan 733

Kwanten, Ryan 734

Kwanten, Ryan 735

Kwanten, Ryan 736

Kwanten, Ryan 737

Kwanten, Ryan 738

Kwanten, Ryan 739

Manganiello, Joe 273

Manganiello, Joe 274

Manganiello, Joe 275

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Guys of "True Blood" 6x10

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Ryan Kwanten, #True Blood, #Alexander Skarsgard, #Joe Manganiello on August 25, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo KwantenRyan676_zps8e2af495.jpg  photo KwantenRyan677_zps50d72753.jpg  photo KwantenRyan678_zps30bbdc90.jpg  photo KwantenRyan679_zps6f046914.jpg  photo KwantenRyan680_zps8281e154.jpg  photo KwantenRyan681_zps823c9e41.jpg  photo KwantenRyan683_zps148c9e17.jpg  photo KwantenRyan684_zpsf678aab8.jpg  photo KwantenRyan685_zpsebb48618.jpg  photo KwantenRyan686_zps16939954.jpg  photo KwantenRyan687_zps7f207b68.jpg  photo KwantenRyan688_zpse43f793a.jpg  photo KwantenRyan689_zpsbdad6341.jpg  photo KwantenRyan690_zps5e71fd5f.jpg  photo KwantenRyan691_zps829c050c.jpg  photo KwantenRyan692_zps35cb16bf.jpg  photo KwantenRyan693_zps15969667.jpg  photo KwantenRyan694_zps7d7648a1.jpg  photo KwantenRyan695_zpsd32beeff.jpg  photo KwantenRyan696_zps936536d4.jpg  photo KwantenRyan697_zps169de7d2.jpg  photo KwantenRyan698_zps77fd17c2.jpg  photo KwantenRyan699_zps1d347c19.jpg  photo KwantenRyan700_zps7db1a2d9.jpg True Blood 062

True Blood 063

True Blood 064

True Blood 065

True Blood 066

True Blood 067

True Blood 068

True Blood 069

 photo ManganielloJoe268_zps09cced84.jpg  photo ManganielloJoe269_zps24f3bc27.jpg  photo ManganielloJoe270_zpsa72d5e15.jpg  photo ManganielloJoe271_zps91aaf56d.jpg Skarsgard, Alexander 294

Skarsgard, Alexander 295

Skarsgard, Alexander 296

Skarsgard, Alexander 297

Skarsgard, Alexander 298

Skarsgard, Alexander 299

Skarsgard, Alexander 300

Skarsgard, Alexander 301

Skarsgard, Alexander 302

Skarsgard, Alexander 303

Skarsgard, Alexander 304

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Robert Kazinsky, Ryan Kwanten, and Sam Trammell in "True Blood" 6x05

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Robert Kazinsky, #Ryan Kwanten, #True Blood, #Sam Trammell on July 25, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
Kazinsky, Robert 042

Kazinsky, Robert 043

Kazinsky, Robert 044

Kazinsky, Robert 045

Kazinsky, Robert 046

Kazinsky, Robert 047

Kazinsky, Robert 048

Kazinsky, Robert 049

Kazinsky, Robert 050

Kazinsky, Robert 051

Kazinsky, Robert 052

Kazinsky, Robert 053

Kazinsky, Robert 054

Kazinsky, Robert 055

Kazinsky, Robert 056

Kwanten, Ryan 658

Kwanten, Ryan 659

Kwanten, Ryan 660

Kwanten, Ryan 661

Kwanten, Ryan 662

Kwanten, Ryan 663

Kwanten, Ryan 664

Kwanten, Ryan 665

Kwanten, Ryan 666

Kwanten, Ryan 667

Kwanten, Ryan 668

Kwanten, Ryan 669

Kwanten, Ryan 670

Kwanten, Ryan 671

Kwanten, Ryan 672

Kwanten, Ryan 673

Kwanten, Ryan 674

Kwanten, Ryan 675

Trammell, Sam 320

Trammell, Sam 321

Trammell, Sam 322

Trammell, Sam 323

Trammell, Sam 324

Trammell, Sam 325

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Ryan Kwanten, Alexander Skarsgard, Sam Trammell, and Robert Kazinsky in "True Blood" 6x04

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Robert Kazinsky, #Ryan Kwanten, #True Blood, #Sam Trammell, #Alexander Skarsgard on July 20, 2013 by scenesofmaleskin
 photo KwantenRyan644_zps279cfef3.jpg  photo KwantenRyan645_zps7005baeb.jpg  photo KwantenRyan646_zps0b6e027d.jpg  photo KwantenRyan647_zps88f64f9c.jpg  photo KwantenRyan648_zps1c1eece1.jpg  photo KwantenRyan649_zps83bdabc6.jpg  photo KwantenRyan650_zps88e95b1f.jpg  photo KwantenRyan651_zps8dca5820.jpg  photo KwantenRyan652_zps16e9c6d3.jpg  photo KwantenRyan653_zps7abae621.jpg  photo KwantenRyan654_zps115e1f37.jpg  photo KwantenRyan655_zps3a4bdc00.jpg  photo KwantenRyan656_zpsabd2c9c0.jpg  photo KwantenRyan657_zps0dcda3a7.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander265_zps54498717.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander266_zps61acefbe.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander267_zps7d99dfe1.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander268_zps0ec82562.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander269_zpsc053643a.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander270_zpsfc7df05d.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander271_zps771765cc.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander272_zps5b041d6f.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander273_zps3299164b.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander274_zpsd1eb57c0.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander275_zps956dd360.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander276_zps82815eb1.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander277_zps4b4920bd.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander278_zps279fbdcf.jpg  photo SkarsgardAlexander279_zpsc161b0e8.jpg Trammell, Sam 314

Trammell, Sam 315

Trammell, Sam 316

Trammell, Sam 317

Trammell, Sam 318

Trammell, Sam 319

 photo KazinskyRobert025_zps71e56f10.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert026_zpsbb81f255.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert027_zpsea6ce978.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert028_zps9e364e52.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert029_zps39b4e52b.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert030_zps7173450b.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert031_zpsa8ae751e.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert032_zps221f95e7.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert033_zpsdcd8c22b.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert034_zpsb852a190.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert035_zps08e88ff0.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert036_zps1e5b97f8.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert037_zps362fbde9.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert038_zps0b6b99f6.jpg  photo KazinskyRobert039_zpseb551021.jpg
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Joe Manganiello, Ryan Kwanten and Chris Bauer in "True Blood" 5x05

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Ryan Kwanten, #True Blood, #Joe Manganiello, #Chris Bauer on July 15, 2012 by scenesofmaleskin







Photobucket Kwanten, Ryan 631

Kwanten, Ryan 632

Kwanten, Ryan 633

Kwanten, Ryan 634

Kwanten, Ryan 635

Kwanten, Ryan 636

Kwanten, Ryan 637

Kwanten, Ryan 638

Kwanten, Ryan 639

Bauer, Chris 019

Bauer, Chris 020

Bauer, Chris 021

Bauer, Chris 022

Bauer, Chris 023

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Guys of "True Blood" 5x03

Posted in Uncategorized with tags #Christopher Meloni, #Ryan Kwanten, #Stephen Moyer, #True Blood, #Alexander Skarsgard on July 1, 2012 by scenesofmaleskin
Stephen Moyer Photobucket









Photobucket Ryan Kwanten Kwanten, Ryan 620

Kwanten, Ryan 621

Kwanten, Ryan 622

Kwanten, Ryan 623

Kwanten, Ryan 624

Kwanten, Ryan 625

Kwanten, Ryan 626

Kwanten, Ryan 627

Kwanten, Ryan 628

Kwanten, Ryan 629

Kwanten, Ryan 630

Alexander Skarsgard Skarsgard, Alexander 234

Skarsgard, Alexander 235

Skarsgard, Alexander 236

Skarsgard, Alexander 237

Skarsgard, Alexander 238

Skarsgard, Alexander 239

Skarsgard, Alexander 240

Skarsgard, Alexander 241

Skarsgard, Alexander 242

Skarsgard, Alexander 243

Skarsgard, Alexander 244

Skarsgard, Alexander 245

Skarsgard, Alexander 246

Skarsgard, Alexander 247

Skarsgard, Alexander 248

Skarsgard, Alexander 249

Skarsgard, Alexander 250

Skarsgard, Alexander 251

Skarsgard, Alexander 252

Skarsgard, Alexander 253

Skarsgard, Alexander 254

Christopher Meloni Meloni, Christopher 137

Meloni, Christopher 138

Meloni, Christopher 139

Meloni, Christopher 140

Meloni, Christopher 141

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